Crime & Trauma Scene Cleanup

Crime & Trauma Scene Cleanup

When a serious accident, death or violent crime occurs in a home it is often damaging to the house itself. Frequently the scene of the unfortunate occurrence is left tainted and dirtied after the happening has occurred. Cleaning the sites of these events can be distressing and harrowing to the citizens of the home and should not be performed by friends or loved ones.

In these moments of duress, Twins Bio-Recovery, LLC is there to restore your house or property and give you your home back. At Twins Bio-Recovery, LLC, we specialize in bio-hazard and crime scene clean-up. Our highly trained teams of crime scene professionals are prepared to work with law enforcement officials, medical personnel and insurance companies, to insure that your home is quickly returned to a livable condition.

Traces of violent crime or decomposing biological material can pose serious health risks. It is of vital importance that the site of a death or violent crime is cleaned promptly and thoroughly by a professional who carries the appropriate skills and equipment. We are often called for a variety of clean up tasks including:

  • Death scene clean up and remediation
  • Biohazard or hazardous odor elimination
  • Blood or bodily fluid elimination
  • Commercial & Industrial accidents/trauma

The staff at Twins Bio-Recovery, LLC understands the delicate and private nature of our work. When you call us for a consultation you will be treated with respect and consideration and your problem with the utmost discretion.

If your home has been the site of a violent crime or a traumatic incident, do not hesitate to call Twins Bio-Recovery, LLC and we will take care of everything.

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